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2019 Lifestyle Challenge

Are you ready for the ESPL Lifestyle Challenge?!  Start 2019 by living a life that focuses on your well-being.  Join the Eastern Shore Public Library Lifestyle Challenge!  The library is partnering with the Accomack Parks and Recreation and other local agencies to promote the many aspects of having a healthy, socially active life.  The Lifestyle Challenge will involve a variety of activities, from programs to learning about library resources that help you learn healthy living skills.  Individuals or groups that sign-up for the Challenge will receive a free packet outlining goals for the challenge.  Each goal has a variety of options for all age and ability levels. Participants will learn how living on the Eastern Shore can lend toward a healthy lifestyle with many assets and resources available.

Why would the public library want to promote lifestyle changes?  “As libraries move more and more toward being cultural community centers, it is very important to address the welfare of our patrons any way we can.”  (Public Libraries, October 2018).  Readers need to be alert and be able to concentrate.  Physical literacy is like body intelligence, focusing on being aware of our bodies and how we can work to improve at any age. ESPL’s vision is to provide lifelong learning.  As people learn new skills and feel better, they will yearn for new ways to learn.  Public libraries provide these resources.

The program starts Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. with a program on developing a personal well-being plan by Jeremy Holman, a lifestyle nutritionist.  Participants do not need to attend the free library programs, but are encouraged to attend this one to get an overview of the three month Lifestyle Challenge.  ESPL offers free online courses related to health and well-being enabling even home-bound individuals to participate.  Other Lifestyle Challenge activities include blood pressure checks at library programs by the Eastern Shore Community College nursing students.

The ESPL Lifestyle Challenge will address the following goals of creating a wellness plan, exercising daily, empowering oneself with knowledge, eating healthy, managing time, reducing stress, reading, and monitoring progress.  The Challenge is free and open to the public.  Registration and participation will take place at each library or by email.  Incentive prizes will be awarded at the end of the program, March 28th, 2019.  Church groups and clubs are invited to join as well. To register by email, send a message to Wells Gregoire, Adult Services Specialist at:

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