Library materials for all types of readers

When asked to visualize a library, an individual may imagine rows upon rows of traditional print books. While the ESPL’s collections are comprised of mostly books, Shore libraries now offer several new types of materials that can enhance the conventional reading experience.

For adult readers and learners, the ESPL now has a series of over 40 college-level audio and video courses on a wide variety of topics. From gourmet cooking to the Hubble Telescope, and from playing the piano to ancient history, the Great Courses offer an immersive experience for lifelong learners. Each course features audio CDs or DVDs with an accompanying printed booklet that contains a course outline and supplemental reading material.
While the Great Courses are currently found only at the Accomac library, they are readily available by request and circulation for library patrons at any of the four ESPL libraries. For a list of Great Courses titles, simply click on the “List” menu in ShoreCat, the library catalog. Under the “Adult Book Lists” section of the List menu, click on “Great Courses” to see details about and to request any items that are of interest.

For younger readers, the ESPL offers several non-traditional pathways to learning and literacy. Accomac and Nassawadox library locations offer DVD video recordings of popular children’s stories that include read-along subtitles. These videos provide a wonderful multi-sensory experience for children learning to read, or for those are working to improve their reading abilities. A list of Kid’s Read-Along DVDs can be found under the “Children’s Book Lists” section of ShoreCat’s List menu.

In addition to Read-Along DVDs, Shore libraries also offer Read-Along Vox Books, which are hardcover children’s books with an attached sound player. Young readers can listen to the book while they read through it, all without needing CDs, tapes, batteries, devices, or internet access. These Read-Alongs can be used with or without headphones, making them perfect for both individual readers and groups of children. Lists of Read-Along Books in both English and Spanish languages are located under the List menu in ShoreCat.

Finally, the ESPL has Walkkit Audio players available for borrowing by young learners. Each audio player contains over 150 kid-friendly podcasts on subjects ranging from language arts, social studies, and science. The podcasts are designed to be listened to while enjoying a walk or other physical activities. Special STEM edition (science-themed) Walkkits can be borrowed as well. A keyword search for “Walkkit” in ShoreCat will return a list of both editions of the audio players, which can be requested directly from the catalog.

Be sure to take a closer look at these non-conventional items in ShoreCat, and explore all that the ESPL has to offer – in print, through sound, on video, and with movement.