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Colonial Period

By 1634, when Virginia’s eight original shires were formed, the
Eastern Shore county had for some time been called Accomack. Eight years
later,its name was changed to Northampton. When the county was divided in
1662, the lower portion retained the name Northampton, and the upper
revived that of Accomack.

Governor’s Council:

1625/26-1637 Claiborne, William Eastern Shore (Accomack)
1635-1640(?) Graves, Thomas Accomack
1639-1655 Yeardley, Argoll Accomack (Northampton)
1641-1654 Littleton, Nathaniel Accomack (Northampton)
1655-1662 Robins, Obedience Northampton
1677-1696 Custis, John, II Northampton
1691-1702 Scarburgh, Charles Accomack
1699-1713 Custis, John, III Northampton
1727-1749 Custis, John, IV Northampton

House of Burgessess:

1623/24 Wilcocks, John Eastern Shore
Watkins, Henry Eastern Shore
1625 none identifiable
1627/28 West, John Eastern Shore
1629 no burgessess appeared Eastern Shore
By 1634, when Virginia’s eight original
shires were formed, the Eastern
Shore county had for some time been called Acccomack

House of Burgessess:

1629/30 Graves, Thomas Accomack
Scarburgh, Edmund, I Accomack
Robins, Obedience Accomack
Bagwell, Henry Accomack
1631/2 Scarburgh, Edmund, I Accomack
Howe, John Accomack
1632 Graves, Thomas Accomack
Howe, John Accomack
Bagwell, Henry Accomack
Harmer, Charles Accomack
1632/3-1633 Scarburgh, Edmund, I Accomack
Howe, John Accomack
Saunders, Roger Accomack
Wilkinson, John Accomack
1636 Roper, William Accomack
1639 Burdett, William Accomack
1639/40 Robins, Obedience Accomack
Neale, John Accomack
1641 Burdett, William Accomack
1641/2-1642 Wilkins, John Accomack
Neale, John Accomack
April 1642 Neale, John Accomack
Robins, Obedience Accomack
In 1642
the name of the Eastern Shore county was changed from Accomack
to Northampton.

House of Burgessess:

1642/43 Taylor, Phillip Northampton
Scarburgh, Edmund, II Northampton
16434/44 Roper, William Northampton
Douglas, Edward Northampton
Oct 1644 Robins, Obedience Northampton
Douglas, Edward Northampton
1644/45 Scarburgh, Edmund, II Northampton
Charlton, Stephen Northampton
1645/46 Scarburgh, Edmund, II Northampton (Speaker)
Johnson, Thomas Northampton
Oct 1646 Douglas, Edward Northampton
Johnson, Thomas Northampton
1647/48 Scarburgh, Edmund, II Northampton
Charlton, Stephen Northampton
1649 no burgessess listed Northampton
1651-1651/2 no burgessess listed Northampton
April 1652 Robins, Obedience Northampton
Scarburgh, Edmund, II Northampton
Johnson, Thomas Northampton
Jones, William Northampton
Hoskins, Anthony Northampton
Nov 1652 Robins, Obedience Northampton
Charlton, Stephen Northampton
1653 Johnson, Thomas Northampton
Melling, William Northampton
Horsey, Stephen Northampton
1654-1655 Walker, Peter Northampton
Waters, William Northampton
Johnson, Thomas Northampton
1655/56-1656 Scarburgh, Edmund, II Northampton
1657/8-1658 Kendall, William Northampton
Melling, William Northampton
Michell, William Northampton
Revell, Randall Northampton
Willcox, John Northampton
1658/59 Stringer, John Northampton
Jones, William Northampton
1659/60 Stringer, John Northampton
Scarburgh, Edmund, II Northampton
Waters, William Northampton
1660 no list of burgesses located


In 1662
the Eastern Shore was divided into two counties. The lower
portion retained the name Northampton and the upper revived that of
Northampton: Accomack:
1660/61-1665 Kendall, William 1663/64-1665 Browne, Devoreux
Andrews, William Yeo, Hugh
1666-1676 Kendall, William 1666-1670/71 Scarburgh, Edmund, II
Savage, John Yeo, Hugh
1676 no burgesses listed 1670/71-1676 Yeo, Hugh
Feb 1676/77 Custis, John, II 1676 no burgesses listed
Foxcroft, Isaac Feb 1676/77 Littleton, Southey
Oct 1677 no burgesses listed Custis, William
1679 no burgesses listed Oct 1677 no burgesses listed
1680 Waters, William 1679 no burgesses listed
Whittington, William 1680-1682 Scarburgh, Charles
1682 Whittington, William 1684 Scarburgh, Charles
1684 Kendall, William Jennifer, Daniel
Custis, John, II 1685/86 Anderson, William
1685 Custis, John, III Jennifer, Daniel
Foxcroft, Isaac 1688-1691 Scarburgh, Charles
Kendall, William (Speaker) Anderson, William
1686 Custis, John, III 1692 Anderson, William
Foxcroft, Isaac 1692/93 Bayly, Richard
1688 Harmanson, Thomas Sandford, Samuel
Kendall, William 1693 Jennifer, Daniel
1691-1692 Robins, John Washburne, John
Harmanson, Thomas 1695-1696 Anderson, William
1692/3 Custis, John, III Washburne, John
Kendall, William Sept 1696-1697 Washburne, John
1693-1697 Custis, John, III Bayly, Richard
Waters, William 1698 no burgesses appeared
1698-1699 Custis, John, III 1699-1702 Robinson, Tully
Littleton, Nathaniel Welbourne, Thomas
1700-1702 Waters, William 1702/3-1705 Robinson, Tully
Powell, John Drummond, Richard
1702/3-1705 Nottingham, Benjamin 1705-1706 Washburne, John
Johnson, Jacob Wise, John
Oct 1705-1706 Waters, William 1710-1711 Custis, Hancock
Custis, John, IV Drummond, Richard
1710-1711 Nottingham, Benjamin 1712-1715 Robinson, Tully
Floyd, Charles Drummond, Richard
1712-1714 Waters, William 1718 Robinson, Tully
Floyd, Charles Ewell, Solomon
1715 Harmanson, John 1720 Teackle, John
Floyd, Charles Ewell, Solomon
1718 Waters, William 1722 Robinson, Tully
Floyd, Charles Ewell, Solomon
1720 Waters, William 1723 Robinson, Tully
Harmanson, George Scarburgh, Edmund
1722-1723 Harmanson, George 1726 Scarburgh, Henry
Harmanson, Thomas Scarburgh, Edmund
1726 Harmanson, George 1727-1730 Anderson, William
Marshall, Thomas Parker, Sacker
1727-1730 Bowdoin, Peter 1732 Parker, Sacker
Marshall, Thomas 1734 Parker, Sacker
1732 Marshall, Thomas Ewell, Solomon
not identified 1736 Scarburgh, Henry
1736-1740 Harmanson, Mathew Parker, Sacker
1738 Scarburgh, Henry
Bowdoin, Peter Scarburgh, Edmund
1740 Scarburgh, Edmund
Allen, Edward
1742-1749 Eyre, Littleton 1742 Scarburgh, Henry
Douglas, George (lost seat to Wm. Andrews who was soon expelled)
1744 Scarburgh, Henry
Harmanson, Mathew Douglas, George
1745-1747 Douglas, George
not identified
1748-1749 Parramore, Thomas
Allen, Edmund
1752-1761 Eyre, Littleton 1752 Allen, Edmund
Douglas, George
1753-1755 Douglas, George
Kendall, John Justice, Ralph
1756-1758 Allen, Edmund
Justice, Ralph
Nov 1761-1765 Harmanson, John Sept 1758-1761 Allen, Edmund
Dalby, Thomas Parramore, Thomas
1766-May 1769 Harmanson, John Nov 1761-1771 Parramore, Thomas
Eyre, Severn Simpson, Southey
Nov 1769-1772 Burton, John 1772-1774 Simpson, Southey
Eyre, Severn Henry, James
1773-1775 Bowdoin, John 1775 Simpson, Southey
Burton, John Smith, Isaac

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