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Coming soon – a website for the new ESVA Heritage Center!

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The existing online presence of local history and genealogy at Eastern Shore Public Library is, much like the current Eastern Shore Room’s physical presence, just one small component of the larger library system. That was sufficient when local history was simply one part of the library’s services, but as we grow into the Heritage Center – a state of the art archive and Eastern Shore of Virginia history cornerstone – we need a website that reflects that expansion and conveys our new role in the community. As we have outgrown our building, we have also outgrown our website.

A new, more intuitively and professionally designed website will make our collections much more accessible to the public—both in person and virtual visitors. Users will be able to easily learn about our online and archival collections and resources in the Eastern Shore Room, how to prepare for a visit to the Heritage Center and how to contribute to our collections.

It will demonstrate how the Heritage Center fosters a culture of “citizen historians” who document, share and preserve local history by a variety of means, big and small, from learning how to preserve their own family photos to self-publishing and podcasting. This updated and modern website will reinforce the Eastern Shore Room’s reputation as a trustworthy repository of information and support for local history and genealogy research, a reputation fostered by Dr. Miles Barnes during his 40 years of service to the library.

TGD Communications have met with staff to determine the the site’s purpose and components, work out a timeline for the project and discuss the first phase of site navigation via a wireframe. A wireframe is a two-dimensional skeletal outline of a webpage that provides overview of the page structure, layout, information architecture and functionality, therefore text, color, and graphics are kept to a minimum. This process allows all stakeholders to agree on where the information will be placed before the design process begins.

Though still a few months away from a final product, we are so excited to have this project underway!

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