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Learn a new language with iPad apps

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Learning a new language on the iPad sounded intriguing to me. I decided to try to learn German. I only know a few words even though my husband is German and speaks the language fluently. I figured that I could use his knowledge as a resource if needed.

The first app that I tried out was Nemo German, which provided limited instruction. I was able to learn 10 to 50 new things, essential words, and phrases. If I wanted to learn more with this app I would need to pay for the service.

The second app, Duolingo, offers individuals many new language choices. I chose German as a comparison. I was able to complete Basics 1 and Basics 2 without difficulty. The phrases category failed to follow the same teaching techniques, and I was expected to know German words that I had not learned in the application. An English to German dictionary may be a necessary resource when facing this obstacle.

Duolingo is a free app and is more extensive than Nemo German. I would definitely recommend it to individuals who want to learn a foreign language.


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Newspaper resources in the Eastern Shore Room at ESPL

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The newspapers of the Eastern Shore chronicle the everyday lives of the people who lived here. To the family historian, newspapers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries can be helpful because of their abundance of personal news and social items. Besides descriptions of occurrences within the community, they also include information on national, regional, and state events. This provides a wealth of information for the family historian.

Articles of genealogical importance that can be found through newspaper research include much more than birth, marriage, and death notices. Other items may include:

  • Detailed obituaries and marriage notices that provide a great deal of family information and sometimes migration background
  • Social items, such as notices of visitors from out of town, visits of local people to other places, illnesses, community events, and celebrations, etc.
  • News stories in which ancestors played a role, such as automobile or buggy accidents, fires, hurricanes or other disasters, crimes, meetings of local government, a list of candidates for upcoming elections, etc.
  • Advertisements which often include the name of the proprietor of a shop, and provide today’s  readers with an idea of what business was like during that era

The Eastern Shore Room has a number of newspapers on microfilm that get used on a regular basis by many different people. Listed are a few examples.

Accomack News (Onancock) 1905-1924

Chincoteague Beacon 1954-1958

Eastern Shore Daily News (Onancock) 1949

Eastern Shore Herald (Eastville) 1904-1949

Eastern Shore News (Cape Charles) 1920-1924

Eastern Shore News (Onancock/Accomac) 1925-2014

Northampton Times (Cape Charles) 1930-1964

Peninsula Enterprise (Accomac) 1881-1964

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Director’s Update April 2016

Posted by schilders on

Welcome to our new e-newsletter!  We hope you will share it with your friends and family to help spread the word about the Eastern Shore Public Library.  As the Shore library system headquarters, we work hard to help all four of our wonderful libraries meet community needs for lifelong learning.

Every new director brings changes to an organization.  Our staff and trustees have been very open to changes, making sure they are implemented to everyone’s benefit.  Many are behind the scenes, but all are to improve the efficiency and capacity of our services to you.  The most visible change is the reorganization of shelving, tables, and computer stations.  Staff can now better assist patrons at computers.  Teens now have their own reading area with young adult and science fiction books close by and next to a big window.  The Friends’ book sale is near the entrance for more visibility.

What other changes would you like to see?  A patron suggestion form is now available at the main library for you to submit your ideas and feedback.  You are also welcome to write us a letter to the attention of me or “Director”.

Thank you again for your support and patronage!  See you at the Library!

Cara Burton, Director


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